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7 Basic Tools For The Storage Auction Buyer

January 14, 2016
When you attend a live auction, there are basic tools you should own, whether you are a full-time buyer or a hobbyist. You will need one tool to help see the items inside a room, one tool to secure the door if you win a room, and the rest to sort merchandise and to clean out the room.

7 Basic Tools

• Locks
• Flashlights
• Gloves
• Box Cutters
• Brooms
• Dustpans
• Trash Bags

Every storage buyer carries at least two basic tools at a live auction: a flashlight and a padlock. Only one tool is paramount and that is the padlock. Without question, this is the most important item you will need if you win a locker.


Three most commonly used:

• Cylinder Disc
• Closed-Shackle
• Warded Lock

Cylinder disc lock in steel.
Cylinder Disc padlock has a small opening in the shackle, which makes it very difficult to tamper with and is commonly sold at public storage facilities.

Closed shackle lock in steel.
Closed Shackle designed to expose as little of the shackle as possible and therefore is very difficult to cut with a pair of bolt-cutters or saws.

Warden locker.

Warded lock is the least inexpensive and is the most commonly used lock for multiple purposes, however, they are easy to cut with a bolt cutter or saw. 

In locks, look for features such as weatherproof, maximum corrosion covering, and theft protection.


Several types to consider:

• Spotlights
• Flashlights
• UV Flashlights

Spotlights are bulky to hold, but can light up an entire area inside a room. Flashlights that can illuminate up to a 1,000 feet are better than a normal household flashlight. Look for a flashlight that is waterproof, shock resistant (in case you drop it), and with a long battery run-time; about 10-20 hours is good.

Another quality feature is adjustable focus range and zoomable beam. Ultra-Light UV flashlights can show you what other flashlights cannot as you shine a light through artwork, glass-work, etc. More like the polarize version of a regular flashlight.


Black glove with knife on it - cut resistant.
Dust, dirt, and debris collect inside an untouched storage unit. Use gloves to protect your hands from germs that may fester inside a room. Choose from plastic gloves, garden gloves, or leather gloves. For added protection against cuts and harmful acids; consider industrial type gloves that can handle grease, grim, or wet materials.

These type of gloves may have padded knuckles, microfiber padded palm and reinforced synthetic leather fingertips. They are abrasion resistant with protection against tears, chemicals and solvents. Constructed of high-strength polyethylene fibers and stainless steel wire.

Box Cutters

Many boxes inside a storage auction unit are sealed with packaging tape or duct tape. You may use a box cutter, utility knife, or pocket knife. The key is to not cut too deep into the box, for you could damage a collectible or fabric that is stuffed to the top of the box.


Two types will serve you well: household or commercial. Typical angled household broom works great for smaller units. Wide push brooms will help you clean out the larger mini storage auction units and work better to move heavy debris.

Features to look for are bristle fibers resistant to water, oil, grease, and solvents. Broom heads that click into place at different angles, which will allow you to access tight corners. Pole and plate welded together that will never rust.


You can use a standard size or wide mouth. Any typical standard dustpan can serve the purpose to clean out a locker. If, however, you do not want to bend over, consider upright dustpans with handles. Wide mouth dustpans allow you to pick up more debris quicker, and are made for commercial environments.

Features to look for are angled bottom, which prevents dust and dirt from spilling back out. Capacity to hold liquids. Sturdy, so that broom will not stain, rust, or dent.

Trash Bags

According to the rules of live storage auctions, you are not allowed to toss trash found inside a locker in the company`s dumpster. You will need to haul the trash out with the rest of the contents you find in a unit. Use heavy duty to industrial strength trash bags to load up the dirt and debris.

Features to look for are puncture resistant, trash bag stretches, and bottom seal will distribute weight evenly as you fill the garbage bag.

Other items to bring to a live storage auction are bottled water, suntan lotion, cash bags, tool box with tools, tape, ties, and so on. The basic tools listed are proven and needful for anyone who will win a unit at auction.


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