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Storage Unit Auctions Treasure Stories

If you’re looking to bid on abandoned storage units or to take part in online storage unit auctions, you’ve come to the right place. iBid4Storage makes it easy, convenient and safe to bid on contents that have been left behind in storage units and storage spaces across the country.

Just like on Storage Wars and Storage Hunters, people find treasure in the storage units they bid on. Abandoned storage units can contain pretty much anything and there’s treasure to be found! Here are a few stories from some recent storage hunters!

If you’re ready to bid on storage unit contents online, visit our How It Works page for more information.

Abandoned Storage Unit Auction Stories

“Using iBid4Storage was so easy! I’d always wanted to participate in an online storage unit auction but I didn’t know where to find one and I thought it would be really complex. Thankfully, within a few clicks I was bidding on storage units!  I’ve already won a few auctions, made some good money reselling the items inside and I plan to keep treasure hunting!”

“I couldn’t believe how many great things I found in the abandoned storage unit that I bid on at auction. There was electronics, furniture, clothing items and a lot more in there and most of it was in great condition! Plus, I definitely paid A LOT less for the storage unit contents than they’re worth! This is great!”

“I didn’t even know that people could bid on abandoned storage units until I saw a show about it on TV. It seemed like a great idea so I searched for ‘storage unit auctions’ online and found iBid4Storage. It was really easy to sign up and start bidding on abandoned storage units. I’ve already bought the contents of one storage unit and found some great stuff.”

Arnold`s Treasures:

Take a look at this treasure found in New Jersey in a storage unit sold at Auction;


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General Descriptions In A Storage Auction Unit

"Storage operators must by law place a general descriptions of the personal property of a storage unit up for auction"

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"Read about the NEW Valet service offered by eBay You send your merchandise for free and they sell it on eBay for you"

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