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Seaboard Self Storage - Making a Difference in 2018

April 22, 2019

Last year, Seaboard Self-Storage donated $6,441.00 to Surrey Memorial Hospital. Since they began the program in 2015, Seaboard has now donated an impressive total of $26,142.00 to Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Working in partnership with iBid4Storage, Seaboard Self-Storage is able to auction off the contents of delinquent storage units that tenants were unable to pay for. This allowed the storage facility to recover the debts owed to them by those delinquent tenants, while freeing up their self-storage units for new clients.

In 2014, Seaboard Self-Storage partnered with iBid4Storage as a debt recovery tool for abandoned storage units. For 20 years now, iBid4Storage has been innovators in the self-storage industry, and have created an online auction marketplace for buyers and sellers of storage units. Through iBid4Storage’s creative business model, Seaboard Self-Storage was given a platform to sell items from abandoned self-storage units, allowing them to clear out excess inventory.

Rather than keeping the money raised from selling the abandoned items though, Seaboard committed itself to donating the proceeds from these auctions to Surrey Memorial Hospital.

The hospital had this to say of Seaboard Self-Storage: “Thank you again for your generous year end gift in support of Surrey Memorial Hospital. We and our patients are so fortunate that you have chosen our hospital to be the beneficiaries of your donation program at Seaboard… I hope you feel a sense of pride in knowing that you are making a definite impact for health care in our region.”
Pride is indeed the way Seaboard feels about these results, although they are clear to say that “Next year: better!”

Seaboard Self-Storage has been serving the British Columbia community since 1997. Owned and operated by two local families, Seaboard is a part of their community and intends to support it in the best ways it can. With more than 20 years of business, and with growth that has doubled their storage capacity, their success is a direct reflection of their commitment to the community. Without being committed to the community, in other words, Seaboard understands that it would probably not be where it is today.

Their commitment to Surrey Memorial Hospital is evidence of their care and concern for the community in which they live and operate. If the community is healthy, they know that they can be too.

Surrey Memorial Hospital champions exceptional patient care, and with help from families like the ones running Seaboard Self-Storage, exceptional patient care becomes easier. Together, local businesses are making a difference in their communities – and it is only as together that communities can be as one.

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Seaboard Self Storage - Making a Difference in 2018

"Working in partnership with iBid4Storage Seaboard Self Storage is able to donate 6 441 00 to Surrey Memorial Hospital last year from the proceeds of their storage auct"

Seaboard Self Storage donates nearly $16,000 to Surrey Memorial Hospital

"By partnering with iBid4Storage com Seaboard Self Storage has been able to generate and donate approximately 16 000 to Surrey Memorial Hospital"

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