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How To Sell The Contents Of A Storage Auction Unit

December 28, 2015
Outdoor swap meet.
(Photo Credit: Photobucket)

Buy a storage auction unit online or at a live auction, that is the easy part of this business. He or she who bids the highest – wins.

The merchandise within a locker, on average, has a 20% market value. The other 80% you must learn to flip for a profit or absorb the loss. That’s the hard part of this business. With the advent of the World Wide Web, the auction buyer is no longer confined to yard sales or flea markets. You can sell almost anything and everything, including scrap via the Internet.

How you do determine which venue to use to sell the contents of the storage auction unit?

If you live in rural areas, your options are limited. If you live in a medium to large city, your options are quite plentiful. However, the basics are the same regardless of your location – find a buyer for your product.

Sell items online requires you to be available to answer questions through electronic mail. A quick turnaround time of 24 hours is sufficient. If, however, you allow questions to go unanswered, the potential buyer may lose interest.

Sell items outdoors, you are subject to several factors:

• How is the weather in your area?
• How accessible is your yard/garage in your suburbs to garner attention?
• How much foot traffic is there at your local flea market or swap meet?

Pros and cons for any venue. You can use one platform or several to sell all of the items in your inventory.

Online Marketplace


The largest auction marketplace in the world in which you can ship worldwide. Success on this platform requires you to post clear photos or videos of the item(s). Write an appealing and accurate description of the item(s) that will attract buyers. Offer a 100% guarantee with full refund. Answer all emails in a timely fashion. You will take a cut on your profit with the listing and selling fees, as well as any PayPal fees. If, however, you are willing to ship worldwide, you have a rather large buyers` pool.


Most reliable and biggest local listing marketplace. No fees to list your item(s). Post clear photos. Write a detailed and accurate description of your item(s). You may meet potential buyers in your home or at a neutral location. Usually considered cash only sale. You can however use Paypal. If, however, the item is expensive, have buyers sign a bill of sale or give a receipt for item(s) sold “as-is”.

Consignment Store

Usually works well with designer clothing or accessories you find in an auction unit. While the best online consignment and thrift stores will send you a bag for you to ship the items to the merchant, your resale value may not be as great as if you used another venue. Having said that, consignment stores online are on the rise and are very credible to resell preowned clothing or clothing new with or without tags. It is a “hassle-free” process which saves you time.

Facebook Groups

With over one billion active users, local city groups sprout as classifieds or online yard sales. You post photo(s) of your item with a description and price. Members of the group will then either show an interest or not. You may negotiate price and meet the buyer who lives in your area. The sale is only as successful as how many members are part of the group.


Perfect to resell vintage items or art supplies. Considered the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace. You create your own store on this site. For each item, you pay a nominal listing fee, a transaction fee, as well as a payment fee. Post a photo, add a description and you can even place coupons/discounts on your merchandise.

Outdoor Marketplace

Yard/Garage Sales

Absolute simplest method to sell the contents of your storage auction unit. Check to see if you need a permit in your area, which if there’s a fee, is refundable. Advertise in the local newspaper or local online classifieds. Set up signs around town, if permitted. Sales usually held on weekends. Factors to consider are the weather and the population of your town/city. Can only be as successful in the foot traffic you can generate where you live.

Flea Markets/Swap Meets

A fee is paid to rent ‘space’ at these locations. While there are indoor flea markets, the majority will be held outdoors. Flea markets are usually open every weekend. Swap meets however opened once or twice a month.

As a seller, you are not confined to one platform, however, where you live will dictate the best venue(s) to resell the contents you find inside your storage auction unit.


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