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What Contents Are Inside A Storage Auction Unit

December 21, 2015
Take a practical and realistic look at what type of contents you will find at auction inside a locker.


Pots, pans, dish sets, flatware, serving and cooking utensils, glassware, tea sets, coffee makers, mircrowaves toasters, mixers, plastic food containers, and other types of small appliances for the kitchen, tablecloths, placemats and napkins, cookbooks and more.

Valuables are silverware, crystal glasses and crystal stemware, new kitchen appliances in box, complete China set, brand name cutlery knife sets, high-end kitchen appliances (even older models), and more.

Look for brand name products and also anything that is vintage around 1950s (considered retro) or antique, used back during the pioneer days.


Vacuum cleaners, comforter sets, steamers, irons, sewing machines, trash cans, laundry baskets, storage bins, personal hygiene products, weight scales, rugs, luggage, backpacks, lamps, home décor, indoor and outdoor grills, and more.

Valuables are most things new in box or brand name products in very good to mint condition. Clothing

Almost every storage auction unit will have clothing. Chances of finding high-end designer clothing few and far between. Anything stained, torn or ripped – recycle. If you find knockoff designer apparel or accessories; be sure to resell the items as ‘replicas’ as not to place yourself into legal complications.

Valuables are designer wear and accessories, vintage, television or movie themed clothes, sneakers (big market for non-counterfeit brands), anything with a recognizable logo such as NASA or NASCAR, etc.


Usually holiday themed such as Christmas or Halloween. Other craft items may include glue gun, ribbons, wrapping paper, etc.


Hardbacks, paperbacks, leather bound and textbooks.

Textbooks are worth money if they published the same year you found them. Older textbook has little value. Cookbooks of value are those out of print, still in good condition; otherwise they are a dime a dozen.

Paperbacks out of print, may have value, otherwise not a good resell. Leather bound books tend to hold value if the pages are in good condition. Resource books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, language books hold little value.

First edition and rare books will bring the greatest return. It is important to look at the date published of each book you find. First edition of Adventures of Tom Sawyer could fetch almost $100,000.

Major Appliances

Refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers. If in working condition, you can resell the items as they are more of a ‘need’ than a ‘want’ for every household.


Mattresses are commonly stored inside storage units. Couches, sofa sets, chairs, tables, dressers, and more. New furniture is and uncommon find compared to damaged furniture, which is rather commonplace. You may also find outdoor patio furniture.


Televisions, both older models and newer models. Computers, mostly older models, prevalent as well as older model laptops. Stereos and speakers, cables, cell phones and other electronical gadgets.

Sporting Goods

Bicycles for youth and adults among the most frequent sporting goods items found inside a public auction unit. Fishing rods, hunting gear and exercise equipment. Golf clubs either current or vintage may also be found. Regional location of the auction dictates the type of sporting goods you will find; for instance, up north you may find hockey sticks but down south you’ll find baseball gear.


Both household and commercial. Power tools, hand tools as well as tool boxes/cabinets of many sizes.


This encompasses a plethora of items. From sports/movie memorabilia or antiques, figurines, jewelry, historical or political, fine art, vintage toys, and so on. While this is the one of the best categories it is also one of the least commonly found inside a locker at auction.

While hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of items are found each year inside a storage auction units; the reality is that treasure is not the norm.


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Legal & Personal Documents Found Inside A Storage Auction Unit

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