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Storage Wars Season 4 Summary

August 15, 2016
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Long live The King... um, not exactly.

A bazooka of a lawsuit between Dave Hester (Self-Proclaimed King) vs. A&E Network/Original Productions (The Kingdoms), booted "The Mogul" out of the show this season. Hester filed a lawsuit after he was abruptly cut from the cast in 2012. Lawsuit cited unfair business practice and wrongful termination claims. No "Yuuups" this season.

However, more buyers brought into the auction arena as well as appearances by two new auctioneers - Johan Graham and her father Earl. All auctions held in Southern California.

Original cast members who returned were Jarrod Schulz, Brandi Passante, Darrell Sheets, Brandon Sheets and Barry Weiss. Recurring players included Ivy Calvin, Herb Brown, Mike Karlinger, Nabila Haniss, Mark Bolelo, and Mark & Matt Harris.

New players:

Rene Nezhoda.

Rene Nezhoda, a native of Germany, co-owner of Bargain Hunters Thrift Store with his wife Casey. Seasoned buyer in San Diego and surrounding areas.

Casey Lloyd.

Casey Lloyd, wife of Rene, and co-owner of Bargain Hunters Thrift Store.

New auctioneers:

Johan Graham.

Johan Graham, daughter to Earl, a second-generation auctioneer. She became the California Auctioneer Champion in 2000; the youngest ever to win the award as well as the only female.

Earl Graham.

Earl Graham expertise in cattle and estate auctions. Between he and his daughter, they have 55 years of auctioneer experience under their belts.

Show shaken by so many cast member changes, but one thing remained the same - the buyer with the most money in their pocket, won the auction unit.

Season 4 (2013)

Episode 1: "Auctioning for Dummies."
 Mark Balelo  $2,200
 Darrell & Brandon  $1,800
 Barry Weiss  $1,700
 Nabila Haniss  $675
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,650

Episode 2: "Breathalyze This."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,600
 Barry Weiss  $1,225

Episode 3: "All`s Well That Urns Well."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $275
 Ivy Calvin  $250
 Barry Weiss  $150

Episode 4: "The PA Stays in the Picture."
Mark Balelo  $2,700
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,000
 Barry Weiss  $600

Episode 5: "A Time to Kiln."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,400
 Barry Weiss  $925
 Darrell & Brandon  $750

Episode 6: "Like a Kung Pao Cowboy."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $11,450
 Barry Weiss  $2,200
 Mark Balelo  $400

Episode 7: "Oysters on the Half Plate."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,900
 Barry Weiss  $750
 Darrell & Brandon  $250

Episode 8: "The Monster Hash."
 Barry Weiss  $800
 Darrell & Brandon  $500
 Ivy Calvin  $400

Episode 9: "Old Tricks, New Treats."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,900
 Herb & Mike  $350
 Ivy Calvin  $200

Episode 10: "The Shrining."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $230
 Darrell & Brandon  $150
 Barry Weiss  $45

Episode 11: "Orange You Glad Dan Sold It Again."
 Rene & Casey  $4,000
 Barry Weiss  $1,500
 Herb & Mike  $575

Episode 12: "Barry`s Angels."
 Darrell & Brandon  $2,300
 Barry Weiss  $1,125
 Rene & Casey  $725

Episode 13: "The French Job."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $650
 Barry Weiss  $170
 The Harris Brothers  $150

Episode 14: "That`s My Jerry!"
 Jarrod & Brandi  $275
 Ivy Calvin  $250
 Barry Weiss  $150

Episode 15: "This Lamp`s for You."
 Darrell & Brandon  $13,500
 Barry Weiss  $250
 Jarrod & Brandon  $50

Episode 16: "There`s No Place Like Homeland."
 Barry Weiss  $2,900
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,000
 Rene & Casey  $700

Episode 17: "Total Wine Domination."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,900
 Barry Weiss  $1,150
 Rene & Casey  $1,050

Episode 18: "The Storage Buyer in You."
 Barry Weiss  $3,350
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,400
 Ivy Calvin  $1,460

Episode 19: "Fear and Loathing in Placentia."
 Barry Weiss  $1,000
 Darrell & Brandon  $575
 Rene & Casey  $350
 Jarrod & Brandi  $300

Episode 20: "Barry Doubtfire."
 Barry Weiss  $950
 Ivy Calvin  $100

Episode 21: "Battle of the Brows."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $275
 Rene & Casey  $450
 Barry Weiss  $300

Episode 22: "Super Bros. Shuffle."
 Barry Weiss  $950
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,300
 Darrell & Brandon  $950


Most money spent on a storage auction unit(s) in a single episode - Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante $11,400
Least money spent on a storage auction unit in a single episode - Barry Weiss $45


Six different sets of buyers appeared throughout the season to help fill the vacancy of Dave Hester. Two new auctioneers, father and daugther Graham, appeared in six episodes to fill-in for the absent husband and wife auctioneer team Dotson.


Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $31,155
Darrell Sheets & Brandon Sheets: $20,775
Barry Weiss: $24,795
Rene Nezhoda & Casey Lloyd: $7,275
Mark Bolelo: $5,300
Ivy Calvin: $2,410
Herb Brown & Mike Karlinger: $1,026
Nabila Haniss: $675
The Harris Brothers: $170

Fourth Season Moguls - Jarrod & Brandi

How much "true" profit made from auction?
(Shrugs shoulders.)

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