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Storage Wars Season 2 Summary

July 25, 2016
Cast of season two.

A&E`s reality series, Storage Wars, proved to be a bonafide hit for the network. First season aired nineteen episodes. This second season aired thirty-three episodes! Lots of mayhem, Yuuups, and hilarity. Oh, and the winning of storage auction units too, of course. All auctions held in Southern California.

Second season`s cast members Dave, Darrell, Brandon (not pictured in promo photo), Jarrod, Brandi, and Barry, returned to fill their roles as professional buyers. Well, everyone except for Barry.

He quickly became the fan favorite of the show. Known more for his antics and unorthodox method of sorting a locker - just toss all the items out into the hallway and hopefully, he`d find a treasure. We`re not entirely sure who cleaned up the aftermath-tossed-mess; but we`re pretty sure it was not Barry. Also, Dan and Laura Dotson returned as the show`s auctioneers.

New buyers entered the fold in a recurring role.

Mark Balelo.

Mark Balelo owned a liquidation, wholesale & distribution company, and an auction house. Known for his flashy sense of fashion and flashing large sums of cash at auction.

Nabila Haniss.

Nabila Haniss best known for her purchase of heiress Paris Hilton`s defaulted locker, which contents were sold for millions.

Now with a full year of what to expect from the structure of the series; buyers were more than happy to bid up and drop lockers on each other. Bid wars, face-offs, and good old fashion treasure hunts, as buyers sifted through contents in a storage auction unit. All auctions held in Southern California.

Here`s the tally of how much they spent per episode.

Season 2 (2011–12)

Episode 1: "Hang `Em High Desert."
 Dave Hester  $2,750
 Darrell & Brandon  $1,150
 Barry Weiss  $1,100

Episode 2: "Buyers on the Storm."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,800
 Dave Hester  $1,350
 Barry Weiss  $450

Episode 3: "Pay the Lady."
 Dave Hester  $1,500
 Barry Weiss  $225
 Jarrod & Brandi  $200
 Darrell & Brandon  $145

Episode 4: "Santa Ana Street Fight."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,350
 Dave Hester  $345
 Darrell & Brandon  $275

Episode 5: "Unclaimed Baggage;
 Dave Hester  $1,700
 Barry Weiss  $1,525
 Darrell & Brandon  $650

Episode 6: "Enemy of the Enemy."
 Mark Balelo  $9,375
 Dave Hester  $2,750
 Darrell & Brandon  $1,150
 Barry Weiss  $1,100

Episode 7: "Fire in the Hole."
 Dave Hester  $1,400
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,300
 Barry Weiss  $900

Episode 8: "San Burrito."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $300
 Barry Weiss  $160

Episode 9: "Tanks for the Memories."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,700
 Mark Balelo  $925
 Darrell & Brandon  $575
 Barry Weiss  $425

Episode 10: "Land of the Loss."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,600
 Darrell & Brandon  $1,550
 Barry Weiss  $375

Episode 11: "Almost the Greatest Show on Earth."
 Dave Hester  $8,000
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,700
 Barry Weiss  $350

Episode 12: "Bowling for Dollars."
 Dave Hester  $4,000
 Jarrod & Brandi  $750
 Barry Weiss  $700

Episode 13: "Get Him to the Mayan."
 Darrell & Brandon  $2,300
 Jarrod & Brand  $800
 Barry Weiss  $600

Episode 14: "Fu Dog Day Afternoon."
 Darrell & Brandon  $2,100
 Barry Weiss  $500
 Dave Hester  $35

Episode 15: "I`m the New Mogul."
 Dave Hester  $1,825
 Darrell & Brandon  $1,450
 Jarrod & Brandi  $800
 Barry Weiss  $700

Episode 16: "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,775
 Darrell & Brandon  $675
 Barry Weiss  $350

Episode 17: "Driving Miss Barry."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $6,750
 Dave Hester  $1,600
 Barry Weiss  $700

Episode 18: "Auction Sesame."
 Barry Weiss  $1,100
 Jarrod & Brandi  $200
 Darrell & Brandon  $50

Episode 19: "Stairway to Hemet."
 Dave Hester  $3,800
 Darrell & Brandon  $2,900
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,900
 Barry Weiss  $1,250

Episode 20: "Scoot-A-Toot, Toot."
 Dave Hester  $2,500
 Barry Weiss  $1,000
 Darrell & Brandon  $850

Episode 21: "The Empire Strikes Out."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $3,000
 Barry Weiss  $1,550
 Darrell & Brandon  $825

Episode 22: "Make It Rain, Girl."
 Darrell & Brandon  $2,500
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,200
 Dave Hester  $750

Episode 23: "Smoke `Em If You Find `Em."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $3,300
 Barry Weiss  $1,600
 Nabila Haniss  $450

Episode 24: "The Drone Wars."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $3,400
 Darrell & Brandon  $7,000
 Barry Weiss  $1,650

Episode 25: "Brandi`s First Time."
 Darrell & Brandon  $3,350
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,600
 Dave Hester  $2,300

Episode 26: "Hooray for Holly-Weird."
 Barry Weiss  $2,000
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,250
 Dave Hester  $900

Episode 27: "Don`t Bid So Close to Me."
 Dave Hester  $3,500
 Barry Weiss  $1,500
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,200

Episode 28: "Not Your Average Bear."
 Darrell & Brandon  $1,900
 Nabila Haniss  $500
 Barry Weiss  $2.50

Episode 29: "Hook, Line and Sucker."
 Dave Hester  $775
 Nabila Haniss  $425
 Barry Weiss  $320

Episode 30: "Operation Hobo."
 Darrell & Brandon  $6,650
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,100
 Dave Hester  $1,600
 Barry Weiss  $300

Episode 31: "Blame It on the Rain."
 Barry Weiss  $1,850
 Dave Hester  $1,000
 Darrell & Brandon  $575

Episode 32: "Viva La San Francisco."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $4,000
 Darrell & Brandon  $2,800
 Barry Weiss  $1,800

Episode 33: "Highland Anxiety."
 Barry Weiss  $700
 Jarrod & Brandi  $200
 Darrell & Brandon  $165


Most money spent on a storage auction unit(s) in a single episode - Dave Hester $8,000.
Least money spent on a storage auction unit in a single episode - Barry Weiss $2.50.


Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $51,975
Dave Hester: $50,630
Darrell & Brandon: $30,445
Barry Weiss: $26,782.50
Mark Baleo: $10,300
Nabila Haniss: $1,375

Second Season Moguls - Jarrod & Brandi

How much `true` profit made from storage units sold at auctions?
We`ll never truly know.

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First Season Summary Storage Wars

About the Author...
Chuck G. is a freelance blogger and celebrity interviewer based in Southern California. She`s a Geek who watches US Women`s National Soccer, ❤ Pizza & Beach Life. You may follow her on Twitter @chuckgwriter.

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