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How To Resell Clothes Found In A Storage Auction Unit

October 19, 2015
Clothes found in almost every storage auction unit. From designer brand new-with-tags to tattered clothes with zero monetary value.

Standard options to resell preowned clothing:

•   Yard/Garage Sale
•   Flea Market
•   Swap Meet
•   Local Consignment Store
•   Local Facebook Groups
•   Craigslist
•   eBay

The juggernaut e-commerce store eBay considered the best option if you live in a small town. However, preowned apparel difficult to sell successfully among eBay’s 1 Billion items listed daily. Clothing, Shoes & Accessories category contains millions of items alone.

Gently-used clothing resell business blossomed into a $16 billion industry.

Success of consignment online stores indicates that shoppers more frugal and stray from the traditional luxury brand clothing stores. Prada, Gucci and Cartier lost about $7 billion in sales from 2014 to 2015 due to resell apparel.

New trend used to resell designer wardrobe, or clothes in good to excellent condition – Online Consignment Stores. You ship or list. Or the online consignment store ships and list. Clothes sold online and online company keeps a percentage of the profit.

Your storage auction clothing offered at prices well below retail. Online consignment store and thrift shops do the majority of the work.


You pack clothes into a hamper-sized “Clean Out Kit” provided free by the company. Bag comes with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label. Drop it off at a USPS carrier or nearest FedEx drop off location. Once shipped, the online consignment store prices the item. Takes photos and then posts the clothes on the website. When the clothes sell, you’re offered the option of cash or online store credit.

They have a clothing calculator that can help you estimate your payout amount in advance. Website clearly states what brands it will accept and the amount of wear acceptable of the item. Brands accepted include The Gap, Adidas, J. Crew, Old Navy, Anthropologie and New York & Company, to name a few. Website sells women’s, boy’s and girl’s clothing.

Shoes and handbags also accepted. Clothes of all sizes from petite to plus-size to maternity clothes. Website provides a boutique-like experience. Items wrapped in tissue paper with a hangtag penned quote. On average, items listed 70% off original retail price. Anything that cannot be sold donated to charity or can be mailed back to you for a $12.99 shipping fee.

In 2014, this e-commerce secondhand store received 3.8 million pieces of apparel. Featured on ABC, New York Times, ELLE Magazine, USA Today and Self magazine. ThredUP is the largest online consignment and thrift store to resell the brand clothes you find inside storage auction units.


Online store placed women’s clothes, accessories, shoes, bags and wedding dresses on consignment. You take photos of the merchandise. The site will enhance the photos for you then suggest a selling price. Company sends you a free kit which includes a shipping box with label. They also handle all returns.

Commission for the company around 9-12% of item’s price. Much less than their competitors. That’s more return for your product. Also, your item listed LIVE within just five minutes.


Authenticated luxury items ONLY. Priced up to 90% off retail. Women’s and men’s fashion, fine jewelry and fine art. Schedule a full-service consignment pickup in 16 cities, or request a free direct-shipping kit. An authentication team inspects the clothes, jewelry or art.

Once proven it’s not a knockoff, items then photographed and listed. Average time to sell about three days. Earn 60-70% once a sales threshold’s reached. Payments issued monthly by check, direct deposit or you can receive site credit.


Any brand of women’s clothing and accessories in good condition. List an item for sale via an app in less than 60 seconds. Clothes priced at 70% off retail. Sales under $15, store takes $2.95 commission. Sales over $15, store takes 20% of commission. Featured on Good Morning America, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, The New York Times and Yahoo! Style.


Fastest growing thrift shop online for men’s clothing. Create an account. Upload photos and description of the item. Clothes listed on the main page of the website as well as your own seller’s page. Company notifies you via email when a buyer asks a question about your item or when an offer is submitted.

If you accept an offer or make a counter offer the buyer will be sent a link to checkout via PayPal. After sending payment the buyer will message you with their shipping address.

The main Grailed marketplace reserved for high quality, well-known designer brands in wearable condition. The Basics section reserved for high quality staple pieces from well-known, mass market brands and items by lesser known, well-priced designers.

You may have articles of clothing that are mass produced and not accepted for resell at online consignment stores. If you do not want to make the effort to resell; then consider donating mass produced merchandise to the United Way or The American Red Cross. Or you may want to open your own seller’s store on Amazon, Etsy or yes, even eBay.

Modern technology allows you many more options to sell clothes found inside a storage auction unit.


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