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Storage Wars Season 8 Summary

September 12, 2016
Cast in a fight scene.

Fight Club!

Yes, this was the season of the brawl between Dave Hester vs. Dan & Laura Dotson.

Temperature in Southern California rose to 103°F and tempers flared.

Dan missed Mary`s bid during the first auction of a storage unit in episode seven. Dan apologized to Mary as the group of buyers walked towards the next locker. Dave, on the sidelines as it were, chided Dan and told him to "open his eyes." Yeah, that didn`t go over too well with Dan.

Dan-the-Man raised his hands in the air and stood nose-to-nose in front of Dave. Well, that didn`t go over too well with Dave.

Hester SHOVED Dotson right up near the throat area. Why does this matter? Dan suffered a double brain aneurysm the season before.


Several big men pried the two bull-dogs apart. However, Laura was in the mix protecting her man and landed a few hits on Dave`s head. Hester, unable to take it like a man, took both his hands and PUSHED Laura onto the pavement.

Well, that didn`t go over too well with Dan, who then charged back at Dave.


Finally, it was over. Laura kicked Dave out of the auction. The Dotson`s left. A replacement auctioneer, Bruce Reich, finished out the auction.


What a SHOW-DOWN-THROWN-DOWN it was. Now why would A&E Network allow such a brawlish footage air time?

Sex and Violence = Higher Ratings.

The network got one out of the two.

Now, on with the show, as it were...

Season 8 (2015)

Episode 1: "They`ll Always Have Perris."
 Ivy Calvin  $250
 Mary Padian  $170
 Dave Hester  $155

Episode 2: "Some Like It Hotter."
 Craig  $1,700
 Mary Padian  $1,400
 Darrell & Brandon  $1,050

Episode 3: "Lock The Vote!"
 Jarrod & Brandi  $750
 Ivy Calvin  $275
 Darrell & Brandon  $70

Episode 4: "All Bid and No Bite."
 Dave Hester  $1,050
 Jarrod & Brandi  $950
 Mary Padian  $775

Episode 5: "Just Deserts."
 Ivy Calvin  $345
 Mary Padian  $225
 Rene & Casey  $180

Episode 6: "Auctions and Allies."
 Rene & Casey*  $1,850
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,000
 Mary Padian  $275

Episode 7: "Palm Springs Throwdown."
 Ivy Calvin  $200
 Mary Padian  $200
 Rene Nezhoda  $175

Episode 8: "Young Gun, Old Tricks."
 Jarrod & Brandi*  $4,075
 Rene & Casey*  $1,660
 Mary Padian  $875
 Ivy Calvin*  $525

Episode 9: "The School Of Hard Knock-Knocks."
 Mary Padian  $1,400
 Jarrod & Brandi  $700
 Darrell & Brandon  $550

Episode 10: "An Auction Too Far."
 Artie & Shannon  $500
 Mary Padian  $145

Episode 11: "Downtown Showdown."
 Ivy Calvin  $1,600
 Dave Hester  $1,400
 Rene & Casey  $550

Episode 12: "Mo` Money, Mo` Valley."
 Dave Hester  $3,500
 Ivy Calvin  $3,500
 Mavrick  $475

Episode 13: "Lock, Stock and One Smoking Darrell."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,530
 Darrell & Brandon  $650
 Mary Padian  $150

Episode 14: "Rene Abides."
 Ivy Calvin  $195
 Mary Padian  $145

Episode 15: "Last Mattress Standing."
 Ivy Calvin  $850
 Mary Padian  $155

Episode 16: "Mayor of Margarita-ville."
 Rene & Casey  $4,100
 Mary Padian  $50
 Jarrod & Brandi  $15

Episode 17: "Auctions Away!"
 Darrell & Brandon  $2,800
 Rene & Casey  $800
 Mary Padian  $400

Episode 18: "Buys and Dolls."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $175
 Artie & Shannon  $100

Episode 19: "There`s No Business Like Snow Business."
 Ivy Calvin*  $1,225
 Dave Hester  $750
 Mary Padian  $450

Episode 20: "The World Accordion to Ivy."
 Mary Padian  $1,025
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,000
 Ivy Calvin  $800


Most money spent on a storage auction unit(s) in a single episode - Rene & Casey $4,100
Least money spent on a storage auction unit in a single episode - Jarrod & Brandi $15


Craig was a newbie who had a locker dropped on him by Rene. Artie & Shannon, man and wife team, auction buyers for four years. Appeared in a few episodes.


Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $10,195
Ivy Calvin: $9,765
Mary Padian: $7,840
Dave Hester: $6,855
Darrell Sheets & Brandon Sheets: $5,120
Craig: $1,700
Artie & Shannon: $600
Mavrick: $475

Eight Season Moguls - Jarrod & Brandi

You know it`s a slow season when Ivy and Mary ranked 2nd & 3rd in totals for money spent on storage auction units.

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Chuck G. is a freelance blogger and celebrity interviewer based in Southern California. She`s a Geek who watches US Women`s National Soccer, ❤ Pizza & Beach Life. You may follow her on Twitter @chuckgwriter.

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