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Storage Wars Season 7 Summary

September 05, 2016

Low number of episodes. Low bids. Yawn...

What a lack-luster season. You know it`s a rough season when Mary pays more for lockers than Darrell (not to insult Padian). But come on, now! Where were the bid wars? Not this season. More like the, "bid-you-up-a-little and trash-talk-a-lot" battles. Someone wake me up when the tallies are over.

Keep in mind that this summary consists of actual storage auction unit sales as they happened on the show. Side sales of lockers after auction not part of this list.

Now, on with the show... yeah, whatever.

Season 7 (2015)

Episode 1: "Padian: P.I."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $925
 Ivy Calvin  $550
 Mary Padian  $375

Episode 2: "The Thrill of a Kitty and the Agony of Smoked Meat."
 Rene & Casey  $700
 Ivy Calvin  $550
 Darrell & Brandon  $175

Episode 3: "The Sweet Sniff of Success."
 Mary Padian  $750
 Darrell & Brandon  $400
 Jarrod & Brandi  $350

Episode 4: "There Will Be Blood Money."
 Dave Hester  $1,425*
 Mary Padian  $65

Episode 5: "It`s All Smoke and Mirrors."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $400
 Mary Padian  $300
 Ivy Calvin  $50

Episode 6: "Packed, Stacked and All...Trash?"
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,500
 Mary Padian  $1,500

Episode 7: "Bozek Is My Spirit Animal."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,850
 Rene & Casey  $1,900
 Ivy Calvin  $400

Episode 8: "What Cowboy Dreams May Come."
 Rene & Casey  $2,300
 Ivy Calvin  $400
 Mavrick*  $350

Episode 9: "Too Many Cooks in the Locker."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,300
 Darrell & Brandon  $500
 Rene & Casey  $500

Episode 10: "Too Many Cooks in the Locker."
 Ivy Calvin  $775
 Rene & Casey  $750
 Dave Hester  $500

Episode 11: "Ivy for the Win."
 Dave Hester  $6,850*
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,900
 Ivy Calvin  $650

Episode 12: "High Stakes and Low Blows."
 Ivy Calvin  $925
 Mary Padian  $500
 Dave Hester  $475

Episode 13: "Valley of the Hauls."
 Ivy Calvin  $875
 Mary Padian  $525
 Dave Hester  $175


Most money spent on a storage auction unit(s) - Dave Hester: $6,850
Least money spent on a storage auction unit - Ivy Calvin: $50


In episode 4 & 11 Dave Hester won multiple lockers. Mavrick regularly attends the Dotson`s auctions.


Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $11,225
Dave Hester: $9,425
Rene & Casey Nezhoda: $6,150
Mary Padian: $4,015
Darrell Sheets & Brandon Sheets: $1,075
Mavrick: $350

Seventh Season Moguls - Jarrod & Brandi

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