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Storage Wars Season 6 Summary

August 29, 2016
Dave Hester.

The band is back together again.

Not quite.

Dave Hester`s return was that of a fallen king. He had closed both his stores, lost the respect of this castmates (as none could see him as a mogul anymore), and continued to hold on to the villain attitude.

The season felt awkward; like round pegs placed in square holes. New buyer Mary Padian did not appear in the first five episodes, but then became a full-fledged cast member thereafter and relocated to Los Angeles. All auctions held in Southern California.

Let`s check out the money spent on storage auction units during this lack-luster season.

Season 6 (2014-15)

Episode 1: "Auction Bugaloo."
 Darrell & Brandon  $775
 Dave Hester  $375
 Rene & Casey  $250

Episode 2: "My Little Brony."
 Rene & Casey  $500
 Darrell & Brandon  $210
 Jarrod & Brandi  $50

Episode 3: "Locktoberfest!"
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,695
 Rene & Casey  $250
 Darrell & Brandon  $15

Episode 4: "The Emperor of El Monte."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $4,900
 Ivy Calvin  $1,600
 Darrell & Brandon  $350

Episode 5: "Up the Ante in El Monte."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $5,000
 Rene & Casey  $1,750
 Dave Hester  $750

Episode 6: "All Along the Swatchtower."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,825
 Dave Hester  $950

Episode 7: "A San Marcos Mitzvah."
 Ivy Calvin  $1,700
 Jarrod & Brandi  $1,150
 Mary Padian  $700

Episode 8: See Trivia

Episode 9: "(North) Hollywood Hustle."
 Rene & Casey  $2,100
 Mary Padian  $775
 Dave Hester  $375

Episode 10: "Who Let the Daves Out?."
 Ivy Calvin  $775
 Rene & Casey  $750
 Dave Hester  $500

Episode 11: "Gambler of Thrones."
 Darrell & Brandon  $2,800
 Rene & Casey  $2,350
 Ivy Calvin  $200

Episode 12: "Once Upon a Locker in the West."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $475
 Mary Padian  $350
 Darrell & Brandon  $210

Episode 13: "Locker Mountain High."
 Darrell & Brandon  $800
 Mary Padian  $500
 Ivy Calvin  $325

Episode 14: "Fontan-o-rama."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $2,750
 Mary Padian  $1,200
 Dave Hester  $600

Episode 15: "Mr. Nezhoda`s Opus."
 Rene & Casey  $3,900
 Ivy Calvin  $1,500
 Dave Hester  $1,050

Episode 16: "Leader of the Packed."
 Dave Hester  $425
 Jarrod & Brandi  $300
 Ivy Calvin  $300

Episode 17: "Lock & Roll"
 Ivy Calvin  $1,675
 Darrell & Brandon  $850
 Mary Padian  $500

Episode 18: "Too Fast, Too Curious."
 Jarrod & Brandi  $500
 Dave Hester  $400
 Mary Padian  $275


Most money spent on a storage auction unit(s) in a single episode - Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante $5,000
Least money spent on a storage auction unit in a single episode - Darrell Sheets & Brandon Sheets $15


Episode 8: "A Very Miraculous Storage Wars Christmas" was not an auction at a storage facility. It was a Secret Santa gift exchange at the Dotson`s home.


Jarrod Schulz & Brandi Passante: $15,735
Rene Nezhoda & Casey Lloyd: $11,850
Dave Hester: $7,900
Ivy Calvin: $6,475
Darrell Sheets & Brandon Sheets: $5,660
Mary Padian: $4,300

Sixth Season Moguls - Jarrod & Brandi

Did you notice how low the bids were for storage auction units this season?
Deep Pockets, Be Gone!

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About the Author...
Chuck G. is a freelance blogger and celebrity interviewer based in Southern California. She`s a Geek who watches US Women`s National Soccer, ❤ Pizza & Beach Life. You may follow her on Twitter @chuckgwriter.

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