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American Pickers TV Show

April 24, 2017
What`s dirtier than going through a dusty storage auction unit?

Picking through a hoarder`s attic, dilapidated shed, watery basement, or rusty junk yards.

One of A&E`s most successful reality television series centers around the "picking" defined as such: A person who finds valuable items in other people`s junk.

Plot of the series: Pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are on a mission to recycle America, even if it means diving into countless piles of grimy junk or getting chased off a gun-wielding homeowner`s land. Hitting back roads from coast to coast, the two men earn a living by restoring forgotten relics to their former glory, transforming one person`s trash into another`s treasure.

Show`s Intro: 

I`m Mike Wolfe. And I`m Frank Fritz. And we`re pickers. We travel the back roads of America looking to buy rusty gold. We make a living telling the history of America... one piece at a time.

The two hard-core pickers sift through some of the dirtiest sheds, attics, and basements that even mice know to stay clear. In one episode, Mike entered a hoarder`s dilapidated shed... we`re talking "TIMBER" at any given moment type of neglected construction. 

Mike however braved the entrance and precariously walked, or should say, climbed his way up and over stacked and packed and forgotten items. What did he find? Vintage bikes, which to a picker - gold!

But that`s not the only danger. 

Not like they get an invitation to go pick at every farm, barn, or shed they stumble upon, so yes, "picking" carries an element of surprise and danger (gulp).

Don`t think these two pickers go at it alone.

Danielle Colby, long-time friend of Mike, generates leads and runs Antique Archaeology (Mike`s business) in which she sells his finds. It takes two to pick and one to keep the boys in line.

The picking series first aired in 2010, same year as Storage Wars, but on a different network.

Flip-For-Profit business varies depending on your personality to take risk, to get dirty, or to outwit other buyers.
•  Storage Auction Buyer
•  Thrifter
•  Picker

All three have one thing in common: Find hidden treasure in junk.

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About the Author...
Chuck G. is a freelance blogger and celebrity interviewer based in Southern California. She`s a Geek who watches Soccer & Volleyball ❤ Beach Life. You may follow her on Twitter @chuckgwriter.

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