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1 Vente unité dans San Antonio (IB-9975)Storage Depot - McMullen, 1750 S. General McMullen, San Antonio, TX, 78237

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Enchères Heure de Clôture: Sep 26, 2019 7:00PM US/Eastern
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Cette enchère est terminée.
Offre de Départ: $1.00
Pas de l`enchère: $10.00 ou plus


Boxes, Totes, Toys, Fan, Display Cabinets.

Unit Size


Refundable Cleaning Deposit

Facility accepts CASH Only


avec les Termes et Conditions

TRÈS IMPORTANT - LIRE Avant que vous offriez

1 Storage Depot reserves the right to place a minimum bid on any unit, or reject any bid. All sales are subject to the right of the facility to pull all or part of the property from the sale of the unit for any reason. Storage Depot reserves the right to withdraw any unit, thus stopping the sale.
2 All sales are subject to the rights of the tenant of the unit to redeem the property any time prior to the gavel falling at the close of the auction sale.
3 Unless the newspaper notice advertising the sale contains notice of a vehicle, trailer, boat, or outboard motor in the unit, any such item found in the unit DOES NOT transfer to the buyer and is not included in the sale of the unit, and MUST remain in the unit.
4 All goods are sold "As Is" there are no Warranties or Guarantees of Titles. Bids will be based on visual inspection only. Bidders will not be allowed to handle goods or walk through the space prior to sale.
5 All sales of Vehicles, trailers, boats, and outboard motors are subject to the rights of the owners to redeem the property prior to the gavel falling at the close of the auction sale. Storage Depot makes no representations as to any ability of purchaser to acquire legal title to any such item purchased at the auction sale.
6 There is a $100.00 deposit, which will be refunded upon inspection of the unit by the manager.
7 Successful bidders may pay only by the following methods: Cash, Cashier's Check, or Money Order. Payments must be made at the facility within 24 hours of close of auction or unit will be forfeited to the next highest bidder.
8 Sales tax will be collected on the sale price unless no tax is due. (such as a vehicle or boat, or when the buyer has a lawful exemption resale certificate)
9 All high bids must be signed by purchaser. Purchaser's whole address and phone number must be indicated on the Receipt of Public Sale.
10 Highest bidder is required to secure the unit with their own lock. STORAGE DEPOT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ITEMS TAKEN FROM THE UNIT AFTER THE SALE IS COMPLETE.
11 Highest Bidder must buy everything in the space unless otherwise stated.
12 All contents must be removed from the unit and the property on the day payment is made. Units must be left "broom" clean.
13 All goods not removed within 24 hours of payment being made are subject to resale or other disposal of the items left. All deposits will be retained by Storage Depot if items are left behind.
14 No Trash may be left or thrown in the Storage Depot dumpsters or common areas.
15 Purchaser may not resale the goods on the property.
16 Any pictures or personal documents must be returned to the office.
17 Any violations of the above rules may result in bidders being barred from future sales.

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