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Sell Bottled Air On eBay

April 10, 2017
What is free?

You could say water is free, however, many around the world buy bottled water.

So, what then, is truly free for the rich and the poor alike?


Hold that thought.

Three people walk with medical masks in Bejing.
(Photo: The Daily Signal)

The pollution in this photo, just a day in the life for the people who live in Beijing, China.

Norway bottled air.
According to International Business Times, over 200 million people world-wide affected by deadly outdoor pollution. Carbon dioxide emissions soar higher levels than ever before. What changed?

Many people around the world, including those who live in the poorest countries such as India, can now afford to purchase gas-driven vehicles. Consider back at the turn of the 20th century when the rich drove and the poor rode bicycles. Vehicles not the only culprit as huge industries seethe chemicals into the atmosphere.

Beijing, China pollution rose the hazardous levels up to twenty times the recommended limit set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Air - pure fresh oxygen - a valuable commodity.

Three engineers from Norwegian saw an opportunity to sell "Premium Mountain Air From Norway" to China via eBay.

Clever, no wait, genius actually. The engineers/capitalist bottled 7.7 liters of fresh, pure Norwegian mountain air with up to 160 user doses. You can purchase this fresh mountain air for $20. Convert into Chinese Yuan Renminbi, that`s ¥137.31. According to China TEFL Salaries report, the average monthly earnings in Bejing - ¥8,100/month.

Maybe clean air for the upper middle to upper class.

What is the lesson here?

You may not go to storage auctions or any auctions for that matter, however, look around where you live.

What do you have that is free for you in you neck of the woods that maybe you take for granted. Can you package "that" and sell it on eBay?

You won`t know until you give it a try; after all, fresh air is FREE, except in Beijing where it cost $20 a can.


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How A Piece Of Junk Launced eBay

About the Author...
Chuck G. is a freelance blogger and celebrity interviewer based in Southern California. She`s a Geek who watches Soccer & Volleyball ❤ Beach Life. You may follow her on Twitter @chuckgwriter.

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