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PHOTOS: Jenny Grumbles Storage Wars Texas

February 03, 2017
Jenny Grumbles, "The Dazzler", from the storage auction series, Storage Wars: Texas, is now wife and mother.

You remember her as the sweet, southern blonde who wasn`t afraid to drop a room on her co-stars. 

What you may not know is that she`s really not into taking selfies. Either she`s camera shy, or a very humble gal.

She obtained a degree in art from Southern Methodist University and founded the J.Grumbles Studio in San Diego.

Grumble`s artwork displayed in galleries in Atlanta, Dallas, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, Laguna Niguel, La Jolla, San Diego, and Balboa Island.

For this blog, I`ve included what photos I could find of Jenny, and a couple pieces of her artwork.

This happens when you don`t work at a desk job. Ouch!

Jenny Grumbles has scar on forehead.

Am I on this side of the mirror, or the other side of the mirror...

Jenny Grumbles sees reflection in mirrored sculpture.

Jenny stands on top of the world... of trash.

Jenny Grumbles photo inside a magazine.

She`s a baseball fan.

Jenny Grumbles at baseball game.

Artwork by Jenny Grumbles.

Painting of a little boy on a boat.

I scream, she screams, we all scream, for ice cream!

Jenny Grumbles serves ice cream.

Uptown Country Gal!

Jenny Grumbles sits on porch.

Oh, no! Secret`s out. Jenny is not a natural blonde.

Jenny Grumbles gets her hair colored.

Art by Jenny Grumbles.

Jenny Grumbles art with two girls at beach.

Oops, she did it again...

Jenny Grumbles with hand over head.

All photos and artwork were retrieved from Jenny`s Twitter and Facebook account, as well as the Internet.

Which was your favorite photo of storage auction buyer, Jenny Grumbles?

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Social Media Accounts of Storage Wars: Texas

About the Author...
Chuck G. is a freelance blogger and celebrity interviewer based in Southern California. She`s a Geek who watches Soccer & Volleyball ❤ Beach Life. You may follow her on Twitter @chuckgwriter.

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