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iBid4Storage Expands to Australia

February 22, 2017
iBid4Storage.com, winner of the 2016 Best Online Auction Services and one of North America’s largest public online storage auction platforms, partnered with iBidOnStorage.com.au to take its award-winning platform to Australia.

“We are thrilled with our global expansion into the Australian Self Storage industry. We have formed a solid partnership with Grant McNamee who is founder of
iBidOnstorage.com.au and a self-storage veteran in Australia with 20 years of industry experience. As former operators and managers of self storage facilities, we are proud to service the global appetite for storage auctions to users throughout the world,"

said Y. Leon Benghiat, iBid4Storage President.

“Partnering up with iBid4Storage has allowed us to hit the ground running.” “Knowing we are using a tried and tested platform, means we can concentrate on promoting our business and helping industry members improve efficiencies when it comes to dealing with the sale of abandoned storage units”,

said McNamee.

iBid4Storage.com uses an eBay-style format in which self-storage operators post pictures and videos of units up for auction, along with descriptions of unit contents.

Potential buyers can bid on units via their computer, tablet or smartphone after they sign up for a free website account.

The Public Sale Platform allows bidders to participate in auctions outside of their immediate area and pick up the items in the days following the lien sale.

The company offers interested parties the opportunity to demo its online-auction platform upon request.

iBid4Storage established itself as a premier marketplace for storage auctions by winning the 2014 Insider Self Storage Best of Business "Best Technology" award, 2015 Best of Business "Best Customer Service" award, and 2016 Best Online Auction Services award.

iBid4storage INC.

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