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Storage Wars: Barry Weiss Cars

April 17, 2017
Who was that modern day George Jetson who drove around in a bubble glass top car? 

Non other than Barry Weiss.

Known as "The Collector," he became an instant fan favorite in the storage auction reality television series, Storage Wars.

He had a few trademarks. Barry wore black skeleton gloves, West Coast Chopper eye glasses, custom made shirts, and drove cars you`d either be caught dead in or drool over.

Take look at a few of his unique rides.

Barry Weiss` Car Collection

The Chicken Car

1970s Oldsmobile yellow designed with a big chicken head on hood and feather on trunk.
(Photo: AboutBarryWeiss)

A 1970s Oldsmobile converted into a, um, Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner car. Barry did not own this particular car. It`s been seen around the Santa Monica area (or one just like it). Maybe Barry liked fried chicken? You tell us.


The Deco Liner

It`s a plane. It`s a train. It`s a HUGE Bus-Boat-Car. Video shows Brandi Passante boarded the `vehicle` and shared a burrito with Barry. Should we call it the "Burrito Bus?" 

The 1940 Ford Cab-Over-Engine (COE) Truck

1940 Red Ford Truck.
(Photo: Pinterest)

Barry was one of the few owners who built this beast. According to Hot Rod Network

"Barry got help from SoCal buddies Walt Kurczynski, Bill Cooke, Jerry Pappas, and Steve Stanford for brainstorming, after which they grafted on the ’39 Lincoln Zephyr headlights, reshaped the lower front valance, added the diamond plate and a tailgate to the bed, and finished by shooting everything in semi-gloss black enamel. To make sure Barry could haul his restored Airstream trailers with the COE, they dropped in a ’95 Chevy 355-inch small-block and matching Turbo 350 trans for worry-free towing and cruising."

The Cowboy Cadillac

1947 customized Cadillac
(Photo: Cars, Bikes & Bacon)

Weiss bought this custom 1947 Cadillac originally built by legendary car designer Frank DeRosa. Barry redesigned the original red pen stripes for tribal flames for the Pomona show. It looks like an uncomfortable ride, well, because it was/is as Barry chose form over function.

The Beatnik Glass Top Car

Bubble glass top car.
(Photo: CelebrityBlogCars)

What the hey was this futuristic Jetson`s car? It`s a 1955 Ford that hot rod builder Gary "Chopit" Fioto who took three years to convert and redesign this vehicle into the world’s largest bubble top custom car.
Car had scooped, full teardrop skirts, a pancaked hood, a rolled and pleated pearl Naugahyde interior and razor like tail fins, and finished with a lavender paint job. 

Out-Of-This-World... just like Barry!

Which was your favorite custom car driven by the former storage auction buyer Barry Weiss?

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About the Author...
Chuck G. is a freelance blogger and celebrity interviewer based in Southern California. She`s a Geek who watches Soccer & Volleyball ❤ Beach Life. You may follow her on Twitter @chuckgwriter.

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