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Twitter War Storage Wars

February 15, 2015
Whoa, did you read the fierce-on-fire Twitter War between Rene Nezhoda and Darrell Sheets the other day?
If you missed the latest episode of Storage Wars, “Mr. Nezhoda’s Opus,” then you won’t understand what sparked the spitfire on Twitter.

Quick Summary:

  • Rene won a storage unit up for auction for $3,900.
  • It took two boxed trucks to load items to take back to his store.
  • Box after box contained high-end collectibles such as paintings, vases, Waterford, etc.
  • Rene personally appraised each and every piece.
  • He valued the entire lot at $50,000.

Rene: “Could be the best unit purchase of my life.”

Narrator for the show also stated that the storage unit was one of the biggest lockers in history sold on Storage Wars. The very next day bragging rights and nagging bites hit Twitterverse. Please note, I featured only Rene’s and Darrell’s comments to each other.

Twitter War between Darrell and Rene
Rene & Darrell Game Time!

Rene Nezhoda vs. Darrell Sheets

Time to play...

Twitter War between Darrell Sheets and Rene Nezhoda heats up.
We`ll take - Phone-a-Friend.

By the way, for those of you who may be unaware of the phrase, "phone-a-friend;" this is a lifeline option from the game show Who Wants To Be a Millionaire.

Rene decided to display a unique collectible among his treasure trove that he found in his public storage unit that he bought at auction.

Red Star Line cup and saucer
Red Star Line Breakfast Cup & Saucer Set.

A fan tweeted that the breakfast cup and saucer shown was a reproduction and set a value at $29.99. How the fan surmised that, I have no clue. Darrell replied in kind - "whoa, just called him out."

Twitter War continued...

Twitter War over the value of a cup and saucer.
We`ll take - 50-50.

At this point another fan chimed in and posted a photo of what appeared to be the same cup and saucer from Red Star Line for sale on eBay. And before you say it... Yes, I know people tend to overprice their items on eBay.

Cup and Saucer from Red Star Line
We`ll take - Switch the Question.

Two days later the Red Star Line Museum tweeted a replied after they saw the photo of the cup and saucer.

Red Star Line Museum tweets waauw in Dutch.
We`ll take - Ask the Experts.

The Dutch translation of wauw into English is wow. We may then surmise that when Red Line Star Museum tweeted `waauw!`  they meant Wow!

That`s what Darrell would call the "Wow Factor." Just saying...

Did the Gambler and German come to terms? Not really. Just when you thought it was over, another fan tweeted how much they enjoyed Darrell busting Rene’s balls on Twitter. I am not sure if the following tweets below by Darrell and Rene were still on topic about the cup and saucer set or…

Twitter War between Darrell and Rene end.
We`ll take - Double Dip.

Of course I had to jump into the mix and mention I would blog their Twitter Storage Wars feud.

If you would like to see all of the comments pertaining to this particular Twitter War between these two frenemies, please check out their Twitter accounts:

  • Darrell Sheets - @DarrellGambler
  • Rene Nezhoda - @Rbargainhunters

It`s only fitting to conclude with...

We`ll take - Ask the Audience.
What did you think about Rene`s appraisals?

Be sure to let us know on Twitter @ibid4storage or Facebook.

About the Author...
Chuck G. is a freelance blogger and celebrity interviewer based in Southern California. She`s quite the geek who likes to play arcade games and writes/produces short films. You may follow her on Twitter @chuckgwriter.

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